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De beste klantenservice die ik ben tegengekomen


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Prettige communicatie vanaf het eerste moment. Daarnaast echt groene energie voor een mooie prijs en de optie om zonnepanelen in een zonnepark te kopen. Zo kunnen wij ook profiteren van zonnepanelen als huurders.

Echt groene stroom


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Heel handig: wonen in een sociale huurwoning en toch je eigen zonnepanelen hebben. Het is een goed gevoel om op deze manier bij te kunnen dragen aan het klimaat en je hebt er geen omkijken naar. Eenmaal contact gehad met de klantenservice: ik werd direct uitstekend geholpen. Aanrader!

Probleemloos en goed voor het milieu


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Wat mij aantrok was het feit dat ik kon overstappen naar 100% zonne-energie zonder zelf panelen te hoeven plaatsen. 100% CO2 gecompenseerd gas was ook belangrijk. Het overstappen en de ervaring sindsdien zijn probleemloos.

Vrijopnaam krijgt een 8.6 op basis van 1496 reviews op Klantenvertellen.nl

4 certainties of Vrijopnaam


Always solar power for the lowest price. We don't put a profit margin on your consumption.


Power that makes you feel good. 100% Dutch solar power and carbon compensated natural gas.



We'll arrange your transfer. You can view what you consume and generate in the app at any time. Useful.



You can cancel monthly, but why would you? The sun will shine for a while (about 5 billion years)


Buy solar power or generate it yourself?

Zonnestroom en CO2 gecompenseerd gas

Solar power and carbon compensated natural gas

Because the sun shines for everyone.

Vrijopnaam-  zelf opwekken

Generate yourself in one of our solarparks

When you do not want or cannot install panels on your roof.

1+1 free

Smart questions about Vrijopnaam

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Fixed delivery costs apply from January 1, 2024, for Vrijopnaam customers who feed electricity back into the grid with a small consumer connection.

Customers who do not feed electricity back through a small consumer connection do not pay fixed delivery costs. Fixed delivery costs do not apply to Paneelopnaam.

Vrijopnaam’s mission is to enable everyone to produce their own solar power. That’s why we offer 'Panelenopnaam' to our customers. These are solar panels that are not mounted on domestic rooftops, but placed in collective solar fields operated by Vrijopnaam.

A single Paneelopnaam costs € 99. With this Paneelopnaam, you are entitled to a minimum yield of 250 kWh per panel per year, for a period of 9 years. The yield of your Paneelopnaam gets settled on your annual statement. The value of this power equals your own Vrijopnaam power commodity price, with a maximum of € 0,10 per kWh. This way, you reduce your energy bille (at the current electricity price) by approximately € 25,- per panel per year. 

Read more about producing your own solar power.

Your actual rates for electricity (and natural gas) can be found in the Vrijopnaam app. Log in and choose 'contractgegevens' (contract data) in the menu in the right upper corner of the page. Here you can find all actual and historical rates at any time.

If you are not (yet) a Vrijopnaam customer, you can find all Vrijopnaam current rates for electricity and natural gas at the bottom of the page.

The Vrijopnaam app provides you with insight into your electricity and natural gas consumption on an hourly, daily, monthly and annual basis. You can easily see your standby consumption and the impact of moments when you have forgotten to turn off the heating. Real insight into your energy consumption makes you aware of your usage patterns and uncovers saving opportunities.

Also check out the "Milieu Centraal” website for useful saving tips or (when you want to practice your Dutch) read our blog with saving tips.

You can adjust your monthly installment amount through the Vrijopnaam app or by reaching out to Vrijopnaam’s customer service.

Our customer service can consult you regarding your installment amount. We can for instance verify if a new installment amount covers the real costs of your energy consumption. You can always send an e-mail to klantteam@vrijopnaam.nl or reach out by telephone (085-30 32 652) at working days between 9AM and 5PM.

You can chat or call 085-30 32652 on working days between 9am and 5pm. You can always send us an e-mail!

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