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Power prices are constantly changing. Increases and decreases in power prices are seen over the long term, as well as the short term. Many factors affect the electricity price. With a dynamic rate from Vrijopnaam, you always buy power at the purchase price. How (un)favorable that is depends on the purchase price and when you use energy.

Are the prices on the wholesale market low? Then you benefit immediately with a dynamic rate. The reverse also applies: if energy prices rise, you may notice this sooner than if you have a fixed contract.

Is the demand for power (often in the middle of the day or at night) low? Then we frequently see that the hourly price is also low. Can you use energy at those times instead of during the peak times (usually in the morning and evening)? Then you may be saving energy costs.

With a dynamic rate, you have a fluctuating energy price. You buy energy directly from the wholesale market, at the market price. What you pay depends on the price on this market and your consumption. The market price of electricity ch3anges every hour, that of gas every day.

Your actual rates for electricity (and natural gas) can be found in the Vrijopnaam app. Log in and choose 'contractgegevens' (contract data) in the menu in the right upper corner of the page. Here you can find all actual and historical rates at any time.

If you are not (yet) a Vrijopnaam customer, you can find all Vrijopnaam current rates for electricity and natural gas at the bottom of the page.

Switch to Vrijopnaam and simply inform us while subscribing about the amount of Panelenopnaam you want to buy. You can select the solar park of your choice. We will arrange everything from there on.

If you are an existing Vrijopnaam customer and you want to start producing your own power, you can easily arrange this via the Vrijopnaam app. Adding Panelenopnaam to your current total is a possibility as

If you prefer to contact us by phone or email to arrange this, you can reach us via 085-30 32 652 (9am-17pm on working days) or klantteam@vrijopnaam.nl.

While subscribing at Vrijopnaam, you can inform us about the number of solar panels on your rooftop. We will subsequently adjust your monthly installment amount.

Did you install solar panels at home after subscribing at Vrijopnaam? Please inform us by email or telephone, so we can discuss the impact on your monthly installment amount. You can also change your installment amount via the Vrijopnaam app.

Choosing green power as an end consumer makes in fact no change on a system level, in the perspective of the energy transition. Neither does selecting an individual renewable energy source for the supply of power. This is just repackaging existing products. We enable our customers to produce their own green energy in newly built solar parks that enlarge the share of renewables in the energy mix. So, as a customer of Vrijopnaam you can truly contribute to the energy transition. And by producing your own solar power, the regular profit margin of your energy supplier ends up in your own pocket.

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