Dynamic rates

Benefit from 100% Dutch solar power and carbon compensated gas at dynamic energy rates. The price of electricity changes every hour, the price of gas every day.

Save by adjusting your consumption to the most advantageous hours of the day or by using less energy at times when the price is high. That way, you decide how much you save.

Buy your energy at current market prices

The Vrijopnaam app gives you insight into the market prices for electricity and (possibly) gas. In our demo version of the app you can see how dynamic rates are displayed. This gives you more control over your energy bill. For example, you can save by charging your electric car when the electricity price is low, or by turning on the washing machine tomorrow instead of today.

Going for the dynamic rate? Then make sure your home has a smart meter. Do you have solar panels on your own roof? Then it is not (yet) possible to use the dynamic rate. This is the same with Panelenopnaam, which you can not combine with a dynamic rate. So think carefully about which contract best suits your situation.

In your own hands

Your energy, you decide! With dynamic rates, you are in control of your energy bill. Vrijopnaam provides insight into your consumption and energy prices. You determine what is necessary and advantageous for you.

JYou choose dynamic rates if you can control a (large) part of your energy consumption yourself, for example when you charge your electric car. In addition, you enjoy dealing with your energy consumption on an almost daily basis.

How does dynamic princing work?

The market price of electricity changes every hour, that of gas every day. You buy energy directly from the wholesale market, at the market price. What you pay depends on the price on this market and your consumption.

As with the other contract types, you pay a fixed monthly instalment. This instalment amount is determined based on your historical consumption and the expected market prices for the next 12 months. The usual (and mandatory) grid management costs, taxes and levies are also included in this monthly payment.

In the Vrijopnaam app, you can always adjust the instalment amount in line with your actual costs. There is no need to build up unnecessary savings.

Curious about the advantage of a dynamic rate? Calculate your instalment amount.

The Vrijopnaam app: the number tell the tale!

In the Vrijopnaam app you can always see all consumption and cost details. Besides, you can also find tomorrow's costs and energy prices here. Are tomorrow's energy prices sunnier than today's? Then you can adjust your home consumption accordingly to save. How nice!

Is the dynamic rate not for you? You can always cancel or switch to another type of contract free of charge.

Still in doubt? Then our customer service is ready to answer all your questions. We like to think along with you, so do not hesitate to contact us.

How it works

Smart questions about dynamic pricing

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With a dynamic rate, you have a fluctuating energy price. You buy energy directly from the wholesale market, at the market price. What you pay depends on the price on this market and your consumption. The market price of electricity ch3anges every hour, that of gas every day.

Yes. A condition for using dynamic rates is having a smart readable meter. This is the only way we can charge your consumption per hour (for electricity) or per day (for gas).

Do you have a conventional meter, but would you like to use our dynamic rate? Then contact your grid operator to request a smart meter. Not sure if you have a smart readable meter? Feel free to contact us.

It is not (yet) possible to use the dynamic rate if you produce your own solar power with solar panels on your roof. When there is feed-in to the electricity grid during the term of the dynamic contract, this will automatically be converted to the Vrijopnaam variable contract.

A dynamic rate has its advantages, but sometimes disadvantages as well. This differs per situation.

Advantages: on average you are cheaper (provided you consciously choose to consume at the right times). You benefit from hours with a low electricity rate. You have more control over and influence on your energy bill.

Disadvantages: to gain financial benefits, it is necessary to invest time and attention in your energy consumption and its timing. Consciously running the washing machine at times when the electricity price is low requires more attention than when you have a fixed rate and it doesn't matter when you use energy at home.

Not everyone can manage their consumption well or is flexible about it. So the dynamic tariff should suit your situation.

We calculate your monthly installment amount by multiplying your stated consumption by the expected rates for the next twelve months on the wholesale energy market (futures). We divide these expected consumption costs, including taxex and levies, fixed delivery costs and a purchase fee, by twelve. That way you pay the same amount throughout the year. Would you rather pay more or less? Then you can adjust the monthly installment amount yourself via the Vrijopnaam app (web app).

You can chat or call 085-30 32652 on working days between 9am and 5pm. You can always send us an e-mail!