Super fast, super simple. This is how it works!

1. After your registration you will receive your contract bij e-mail within two working days.

2. We determine the start date and the installment amount in consultation. The installment amount is determined based on historicial consumption of the address (provided by the grid operator).

3. We arrange the switch and can start the supply of energy within two working days.

4. If there is no smart meter in the property, we need a photo of the meter readings before we can start the supply.

Choose your solar park in The Netherlands

Solar power can be generated anywhere. Not only on the roof but on unprofitable farmland, closed landfills and noise walls along highways. Constructed with care and attention to the landscape. The yield of a Paneelopnaam is almost the same everywhere, at least 250 kWh per year is guaranteed.

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4 certainties of Vrijopnaam


Always solar power for the lowest price. Save money and the environment!


Power that makes you feel good. 100% Dutch solar power and carbon compensated natural gas.



We'll arrange your transfer. You can view what you consume and generate in the app at any time. Useful.



You can cancel monthly, but why would you? The sun will shine for a while (about 5 billion years)